Say You Love Me
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Published Taglish Originals

Marianne Agatha has been unsure of a lot of things in her life. ’Di siya sigurado kung ano talaga ang gusto niya, kung anong direksyon ng buhay niya, at kung sino ang mahal niya. The three stories within these pages, penned by KenDaniel, FakedReality, SiMarcoJoseAko, and Seaj0725, are about the three boys who once said with certainty that they loved her. Percy is the first boy who confessed his love. Andrei is the boy who left before he could pursue their love. And Sedrik is the boy who gave her everything to prove his love. Ngayong sigurado na siya sa kung anong gusto niya sa buhay, she jumps into the uncertainty of going after the man she loves, hoping he would say he still loves her.

Print • P199
eBook • P165
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