Dear You, Love, Me
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letters, promises, and unspoken words by Pop Fiction authors
Published Taglish Originals

Single, broken-hearted, or in a relationship—it doesn’t matter. In Pop Fiction’s exclusive Valentine’s Day digital content, Dear You, Love, Me: Letters, Promises, and Unspoken Words, there’s a letter created by a Pop Fiction author that will definitely resonate with every beating heart. From an author’s own character celebrating the love of their life to those appreciating singlehood, and to those letting go of the heartaches, it’s something anyone who’s ever loved can and will relate to.

Authors included in the special compilation consist of AilaMonica (Epitome of Forever), CrestfallenMoon (Perfect Mistake), fedejik (Taming A Casanova), GilLandicho (Elemento), IAmRuruMonster (Deathbound), jglaiza (Everything Has Changed), MaxineLaurel (Lira), Mercy_Jhigz (Five Minutes), peachxvision (Tibok), skycharm24 (Instant Mommy Ako, sweet_aria (Don’t Play With Fire), veldet_ayesha (Storm’s Obsession), VentreCanard (Back In His Arms Again), and xxladyariesxx (Princess of Zhepria).

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