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Mysteries and Murders by Cloak Pop Fiction Authors
Published Taglish Originals

Murder is, unfortunately, always an interesting story. Whether they’re told through vivid dreams, faded memories, lost case files, unreliable journal entries, chat groups, gossip over coffee, and nightmares—definitely nightmares—these stories make us look death in the eyes, embrace our fears, and take comfort in the assurance that we get to walk away unscathed. That we get to wake up from the nightmare.
In this Halloween special, Cloak Pop Fiction brings you six chilling tales of murder by KenDaniel, alyloony, fakedreality, MaxineLaurel, and hraefn, plus two new never-before-seen stories from The Ceyla Chronicles. In these stories, read about monsters, vengeful ghosts, jilted lovers, malevolent witches, and good people going on killing sprees and not feeling a tinge of remorse about what they’ve done. You may get to walk away from these murders, but these scary, horrific stories will live in your heads forever.

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