A Latte Like Love
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Published Taglish Originals

In a small, warm nook amid the city’s hustle and bustle, Chaina fi nds love over a cup of iced latte when a mysterious tattooed guy named Apo shares his table with her. Meanwhile, up in her condo unit in the same building, her roommate, Chynna, struggles to run away from love as the boy who broke her heart refuses to stop calling her. Maliban sa pangalan, Chynna and Chaina don’t have a lot in common. Independent, headstrong, at driven si Chynna at ang mga ugaling ito ang nagbigay sa kanya ng lahat ng kanyang pinapangarap makamtan sa buhay. Samantalang ang shy, naïve, at impressionable na si Chaina ay nag-uumpisa pa lamang hanapin ang kanyang sarili and what she truly wants in her life. And yet fate somehow found a way for them to become the best of friends. Little do they know that life has something more brewing for them. It will test how strong their friendship is—and ultimately, how much they are willing to sacrifi ce for love.

eBook • P165
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