Bitter Casanova
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Unlucky I'm In Love With My Best Friend 2
Published Taglish Teen Fic

Zylex became the campus casanova when Patrice, the one girl who he ever truly loved, broke his heart. When his parents learn of his gallivanting ways, they set him up with his childhood friend, Kysha—who reminds him too much of his ex.

Alam niyang malalim pa rin ang sugat na nakaukit sa puso niya, and he just can’t return the love that Kysha is willing to give. But deep down, there is a side of him that believes that love exists.

Kysha has been this bitter casanova’s friend for as long as he can remember—long enough to know na totoo ang pagmamahal na kayang ibigay nito.

Print • P199
eBook • P165
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