Cupid Crisis
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Unlucky Cupid 2
by Starine
Published Taglish Teen Fic

"Kath has long accepted that Kenneth will never be hers alone, not with the double life he’s living as international pop sensation, Jake Flynn. Alam nila bago pa naging sila that Kenneth’s other life would always cast a long shadow over their love.

Public opinion can be cruel to superstars after all. Alam din ito ni Tricia Savery, Jake’s onscreen partner, and she’s willing to use it so she wouldn’t have to share him with a nobody from nowhere like Kath. In fact, she’s willing to go as far as to try breaking them apart.

But Kath isn’t the type to back down from a fight. This time, she won’t just settle for parts of Kenneth’s life. She’ll fight for all of him."

Print • P199
eBook • P165
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