Forever and A Day With You: A Hundred Days With You Book 2
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Published Taglish Teen Fic

The promise of forever seemed fitting and hopeful for Dane and Kate. After all the problems that threatened to break them apart, the two were still able to find each other—even on the other side of the world. Six years later, the newly-engaged couple returned to the Philippines, where they were immediately welcomed by their friends, the Treble Five, plus a few other surprising revelations that might hinder their happily ever after. Isa na do’n si Rico, ang lalaking sa una pa lang nila nakilala ay nagpakita na agad ng interes kay Kate. Sasamahan pa ito nang pagbabalik ng biological mother ni Kate na ang nais lamang ay makuha ang kanyang loob. Kakayanin ba ni Kate ang mga biglaang pagbabago sa buhay niya? And with these changes, will Dane be able continue loving Kate...for better or for worse?

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